May 2, 2009

Veterans Green Jobs Career Training Program Supports Veterans

Veterans Green Jobs announces that it has opened enrollment for the Spring and Summer 2009 sessions of the Veterans Green Jobs Academy™.

The Academy is a unique hybrid of classroom and on-the-job training designed to move the experienced, disciplined military veteran into a meaningful career in green industries. Veterans Green Jobs Academy™ programs include free or low-cost green job training; multiple industry-recognized home energy audit certifications; and job placement services to veterans seeking to help America restore its economy, environment and communities. All honorably discharged veterans are encouraged to apply now for 8-week training programs beginning in April, June and August 2009. The Spring 2009 session of the Academy focuses on home energy efficiency and conservation with an intensive Home Energy Audit Training (HEAT™) certification program. HEAT™ brings environmental education together with supervised on-the-job-training to meet the consumer demand for experts to help lower residential energy consumption. "Reports indicate that there are nearly 2 million returned or returning military personnel who now face the challenging task of transitioning into civilian careers after their tours in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere. Without effective support and viable economic options, many veterans and their families face serious hardships," says John M. Garcia, Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services. "At the same time, America has a rapidly growing demand for trained workers to implement a nationwide shift to more sustainable 'green' technologies, energy sources, business practices and lifestyles." The Veterans Green Jobs Academy™ has designed scalable curriculums in environmental industries, business management, and specific job skills that can be immediately applied to the marketplace. The HEAT™ Program is just one of several energy-efficiency-related programs being developed, and future programs offered by the Academy include renewable energy, green building, historic building preservation, and disaster preparedness, response and reconstruction. "Veterans Green Jobs is working to mobilize a highly-skilled population to lead the revival of a national service ethic to address our most pressing problems," says Brett KenCairn. "That includes setting a standard so that green jobs in this country offer a true living wage and job security, and so that careers in green industries lead to energy independence, ecological restoration, community renewal and economic prosperity for all Americans." In collaboration with a broad consortium of partners, Veterans Green Jobs is supporting veterans' military transitions through programs and support services that promote their personal healing, along with a community-based movement towards healing the economy and the environment. In doing so, Veterans Green Jobs is also mobilizing a dedicated field-tested workforce that our society has already invested in to help the US move quickly towards greater environmental and economic security. Academy programs will expand to 15 states in 2010 and are anticipated to be in all 50 states as soon as possible.

Source: Recruiter Trends


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