December 11, 2010

Build Your Twitter Profile For Your Job Search

If you want someone to think of you when a job opening surfaces you need to be on Twitter.  For starters, make sure your Twitter profile is presentable (professional) and optimize it so that will attract staffing personnel and managers.

Don't protect your tweets.  It prevents your tweets from being indexed by Google, and from getting discovered by recruiters.

Don't mix business with pleasure.  If you plan to tweet a lot about your personal life create a second account.

Don't use inappropriate pictures in your profile or a picture that is not you.

Do choose an identity wisely.  Select a professional screen, whether it's your first and last name or one that captures your industry (i.e, marketing_professional, finance_person).  The latter is best for passive job seekers who want to be discreet.

Do make use of the web link.  Insert a link to your online resume or LinkedIn profile.  Don't have an online resume? Check out any of these free sites: Blogspot, Wordpress, or VisualCV

Do think about keywords you would want your profile to show in a search.  It's not necessary to use hashtags (#).  Your words will show up if keyed in a search.  Adding hashtags in your profile only takes up the 160 characters we are alloted. 

Do include your actual geographical location (city and state) rather than "USA", "Everywhere", "The Planet".  If you are open to relocating write "Open to relocation" in your profile.

Do use a standard background.  One that will permit you to give more details about your background.

Do measure the power of your profile.  Go to Twitter Grader.  My profile grade is 97.7 out of 100.

This is all you need to do to your Twitter profile to make is discoverable.


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